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T-Shirt Bag  

T-SHIRT BAG ถุงพลาสติกหูหิ้วเสื้อกล้าม

        This kind of bag is sometimes called as singlet bag or checkout bag, because it looks like singlet and the top part of bag can be cut for hand carrying purpose.
        T-shirt bag is widely used by supermarkets and shops. You can either put fresh food or dry food in it. Some supermarket used colored printed t-shirt bag for promotion purpose but some typical shops used a regular one.
         There are 2 kinds of t-shirt bag from different plastic material of polyethylene
    1)  HDPE hi-density polyethylene
    2)  LDPE low-density polyethylene

1) HDPE T-SHIRT BAG this type of t-shirt bag is durable even though it's thin because it's made of high     molecular density material .
    Additionally, it is also cheap, so it's very popular and widely used in overseas.
    The minimum thickness of HDPE T-shirt bag - 10-15 micron for small bag and 15-20 micron for
     medium size, and 20-30 micron for large bag.

2) LDPE T-SHIRT BAG this type of t-shirt bag is not that strong but it's  thicker compare to the other one.
    The characteristics of the materials are elastic, soft and light and because of its quality, it is more     expensive than the HDPE T-shirt bag but it is more attractive and remarkable.
    The minimum thickness of LDPE T-shirt bag - 25-30 micron for small bag, 30-40 micron for
    medium size, and 40-50 micron for large bag.
Die Cut Handle Bag  

DIE CUT HANDLE BAG ถุงพลาสติกหูเจาะ

      This kind of bag with cut off handle is looks like an oval or kidney, so sometimes we call it die cut kidney handle bag. Usually, this bag is use for clothes and CD's. Most of time, this bag is printed in a very presentable manners. Die cut handle bag can be use for HDPE and LDPE to produce like a t-shirt bag.
      There are 2 types of die cut bag that have been sealed from different machine.
1. Bottom sealed + Side gussets, this is a general die cut bag, with     and without side gusset, and able to print color inside of the side     gussets.
2. Side sealed + bottom gusset, with and without bottom gusset, and     can be fold on top to increase the strength when you're handling     it.

Die Cut Patch Handle Bag  

DIE CUT PATCH HANDLE BAG ถุงพลาสติกหูแปะ
         This kind of bag is looks like side sealed Die Cut Handle Bag, but there are polyethylene sheets patched inside at the handle to increase the strength of it when carrying heavy objects. This bag is stronger than the Die Cut Handle Bag.
        Patch handle bag can be produce from LDPE & HDPE, which is usually used for expensive clothes or fashion clothes.

Soft Loop Handle Bag  

SOFT LOOP HANDLE BAG ( FREXI-LOOP BAGS ) ถุงพลาสติกหูห่วงอ่อน
      Soft loop handle bag is sometimes called as flexi-loop handle bag. It is a widely used for valuable goods such as mobile phone, perfume or heavy duty bags because it has a very strong handle.
       Soft loop handle bag have soft loop sheets patched on top of the bag which is divided into 2 kinds:

1. Bottom sealed + side gussets
2. Side sealed + bottom gussets



       Draw string loop handle bag is made from the same machine of patch handle & side sealed soft loop bag, so it has gusset on the bottom and sealed at the side.

       This bag is usually used for laundry, clothes and constantly use in Hotels. It is also easy to pull and tie.



       Hard loop bag is made with cardboard paper on top and sometimes on the base too. This bag is always bottom sealed and has a side gusset.

      Hard loop bag is not appropriate to use for heavy goods, but it is suitable in carrying valuable goods such as fashion clothes, shoes, mobile phones, etc.

Bag on Roll  

BAGS ON ROLL ถุงพลาสติกม้วนปรุ

       Roll bag is a bag that is produce on a roll with paper core or PVC core and perforated for easy pulling every time you're using it.

       Supermarkets use this bag for fresh food such as vegetable, fruit, meat, etc.

Plastic Envelope  
PLASTIC - ENVELOPE ซองพลาสติก ใส่เอกสาร-นิตยสาร

       Plastic envelope is advisable, convenient and the best way to save a packaging cost because it is cheaper compare to paper envelope plus you can load letters, books, magazines, etc.

       Plastic envelope can be produce without or with adhesive strip to seal.

Resealable Bag with Hang Hole on Top  


       We usually saw goods in the bag that is hang on the hanger of convenience stores or supermarkets.

       The special characteristic of this kind of bag is the capacity of resealing it after the good was put inside the bag and it has a hang hole on top as additional feature for hanging it.

Plastic Bag For Rice  
PLASTIC BAG FOR RICE ถุงพลาสติกบรรจุข้าว

       Thailand is the land of rice; we export high volume of rice each year. Most of the supermarkets used Plastic LDPE bag for 1kg., 2kg., 5kg. of rice.

         It is special, because it can laminated by OPP and can be print inside of OPP, so the print will not come off the bag, maintaining its beautiful printed color. It can also produce without OPP laminating to save cost.
Plastic Bag For Food  

PLASTIC BAG FOR FOOD ถุงพลาสติกใส่อาหาร

        In packaging a food, the quality is very important. We always use 100% first class raw material in producing it. We also use a special color that is safe to consumer's health.

        We produce bag for hot food from HDPE and bag for frozen food from high grade LDPE to guarantee that it will not break once it frozen.

Plastic Bag For Bakery  

PLASTIC BAG FOR BAKERY ถุงพลาสติกใส่เบเกอรี่

     Bag use in bakeries is usually made from LDPE & PP material by extruding pass to the water to make the bag transparent.
There are 2 kind of bakery bag:

1.  Bottom Sealed and Side gussets - gusset printing can be made        in this kind of bag, so when the gusset open, you can notice the       beautiful packaging of it.

2.  Side sealed type - with and without bottom gusset and lip on top      of the bag and also has 2 punch holes for hanging or pierce on
     the lip of bag for easy pulling when you're using it.

Plastic Bag For Hospital  
PLASTIC BAG FOR HOSPITAL ถุงพลาสติกที่ใช้ในโรงพยาบาล

       Hospital bag is the most sensitive but with flexible packaging. In terms of this kind of bag, we always use a 100% first class raw material. We use a special color in printing it. At the same time, we also ensure that it has a good seal.

       We produce this kind of bag for blood, urine, etc.

BLOCK BAG WITH PERFORATED ถุงพลาสติกใส่หนังสือพิมพ์

         2 kinds of block welded bags, we are producing are:
    -  Block bags with paper hanger on top and perforated, use for newspapers.
    -  Block bags with hang hole on top and perforated, use for newspapers or fresh food.

Plastic Glove  

PLASTIC GLOVE ถุงมือพลาสติก

      We use Plastic Glove when we are preparing food at the kitchen and to protect our skin. Most of the people usually use it instead of rubber glove because it is cheaper.

Other Bags  
OTHER BAGS ถุงอื่น ๆ

      such garbage bags, bin liner, bags&film for agriculture, mining bags, bags for hotel, etc.
Shrink Film or Stretch Film  


      It is made of LLDPE and use for wrapping goods. It is always manufactured as a roll for industrial use. To use it, just wrap the goods then heat it to shrink the film.



       This is our new product of vacuum forming product made of High PS, PE, PP, PC, PA, ABS and APET

       We can produce vacuum case for food, bakery, cake and other kinds of vacuum forming products such plastic motor part, plastic furniture part, etc.



       We are producing small size of Plastic Injection Product :

           -  PS. Glasses with and without stickers
           -  Cocktail Sticks
           -  Plastic Spoon



    -  Sugar Sachets น้ำตาลซอง
    -  Cream Sachets ครีมเทียมซอง
    -  Salt Sachets เกลือซอง
    -  Pepper Sachets พริกไทยซอง

        We are supplying to Thai International Airway and to numerous hotel in Thailand.




BIODEGRADABLE BAGS ถุงพลาสติกย่อยสลายได้ในธรรมชาติ

Many kind of bags such as; T- shirt bag, Die cut bags, merchandise bags and film for agricultural purpose and more.

- With certificate of degradable

- Double degradable

  • Biodegradable
  • Photo degradable

- Generally, Biodegradable bags are more expensive than normal bags But our Biodegradable bags's prices as same as the prices
of normal bags .


ROPE HANDLE BAGS ถุงพลาสติกหูเชือก

- Cardboard on top and base
- Clothes
- Side Gussets







- with cardboard on top and base.

- Sides gusseted and base folded.


1. Transparent loop handle
2. Mobile phone, perfume


We prefer many colors of strings to make handle bags.

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